How we work

Quantum Jump is the result of taking a fresh look at what is needed in this intensely exciting but challenging time for business. We're independent, and stand for smart thinking, results focused, honest and best in class expertise with a track record to back it up. No nonsense, no frills, and grown up.
We’ve developed ways of working to support different aspects of marketing that require strategy, creative and best practice know-how.
Creative Jump

Creative feel like it’s stuck in a rut?  Want to look at different directions but don’t want to pitch and get agencies excited?  We can take on a creative or brand reset as a project, as a fresh take or alternative, and hand it back, or pick up major comms programmes and transform them.

Customer Jump

You don’t know what you don’t know.  We are award winning experts in these aspects of customer marketing and have developed and launched some of the most successful loyalty and customer relationship programmes of the last twenty years. Our advice and leadership can help you make the right choices here, in what are multi million dollar decisions.

Idea Jump

Often organisations struggle to make time to really innovate. And sometimes they simply don’t have the processes to do so, the manpower, or the insight.  We can help whether it’s auditing how geared up you are for innovation, or hands on helping you with it.

Business Jump

Does your business need a fresh injection of thinking? Someone to peer review your strategy? To help you develop new strategies with your teams because you are too busy? Or help assessing and planning around how to reboot the culture?

People Jump

Have you got the right marketing team? Or do they need a collective tune-up or some refocusing? With our experience we know how important an effective team is and what to look for in highly functioning marketing executives.

Our People

In advertising and marketing, people and culture are everything. They are our raw materials, our inspiration, and our energy. We never take our people for granted and work to create the best teams to deliver for clients.

We have an experienced, award winning core team and in addition bring in subject matter experts where relevant to provide expert insight, as well as other specialist disciplines. Unlike some traditional advertising agencies, we focus on evidence based approaches to validate advertising effectiveness and are totally focused on results.

Like any modern workplace, we celebrate diversity, tolerate no discrimination and are committed to an environmentally sustainable future for New Zealand and the world. We are working on a zero carbon impact of our business. We are also here to make work easier – we welcome clients to work out of our offices, use our meeting rooms and treat our place as extended planning and workshopping environments.

Ben Goodale

Quantum Jump was founded by Ben Goodale, an award winning and accomplished agency head with over 25 years experience in advertising. After a stellar international career working for some of the world’s leading advertising networks, including leading TEQUILA\TBWA to being a top 10 Direct Agency in the World, Ben founded justONE in 2006, growing it swiftly and successfully until Clemenger Group acquired it, in July 2013. Ben then led both 99 and justONE for Clemenger Group, until leaving in 2018.

Ben’s work has won advertising effectiveness awards globally, and has picked up the NZ DM Awards RSVP Grand Prix five times, and he has had the pleasure of working with many of New Zealand’s top organisations, including retailers, banks, FMCG, communications, telco and services.