Opinion: The UK is crazy about Xmas ads. Here are 9 of the best

Christmas advertising

It’s that time of the year where the retailers unleash the power of Christmas through their advertising.

Truly, ’tis a time to be jolly for anyone who loves a bit of feel-good magic.

No one does the season better than Britain. And in the last few weeks, hundreds of millions of pounds of creative budget and expensively licenced music has been unleashed on the UK like the exchange of missiles by superpowers. The internet, rather than ending big TV ads like these, has allowed many to simply make much longer versions that stream online.

Who has won? Depends on your point of view – at this time of year, I always go for something that genuinely makes me feel Christmassy (as opposed to just entertained) and of course, ads that reward repeat viewing.

The Christmas throne is always hotly contested in the UK, as the competitive field has widened to include some newer runners including Ikea, Argos and Walkers Crisps, the latter reportedly have spent £9m on Mariah Carey performing her ‘All I want for Christmas’ song to help them promote their Christmassy range of crisps (chips in Kiwi-ese) including Brussel Sprouts and Pigs in Blankets flavours (this is not a joke).

Ikea has launched their first-ever Christmas advert with a track by grime legend MC D Double E (sounds like an alphabet rhyme from Sesame Street), and their story is a rather odd one of a family being harassed by a toy dinosaur to do up their lounge for Christmas. I personally found it a bit sad, as they replaced their quite kitsch lounge with a whole load of cookie cutter Ikea clutter.